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1951_American_Unitarian_Youth.jpg (170104 bytes)
Early 50's (?) photo of American Unitarian Youth gathering, possibly Continental Conf. Scanned from Vol. 1, No. 5 Nameless Newsprint ca. Nov. 68

1970_Fall_Creek_Falls.jpg (855197 bytes)
Continental Conference

1971_Seneca_Falls_NY.jpg (456903 bytes)
1971 Continental Conference

On the very top row is Chuck Rosene (conference chair, LRY pres-to-be)
in the white robe, chewing his beard, on his arm to your right is Rachel
Dawson, (a UU in Salt Lake) and to the left in the choir robe is
"Joltin'" Joe Davisson (Prof at Purdue), Dave Davisson's (in the Bay area)
brother. The gal behind the bicycle's name is Julie and she was from Evanston.

Front row, lying on her side: Kathleen Kells of Palo Alto; Jeff Christ (SF)
to the far right; David Field's (Chicago, now SF area) white face above him;
Russle Kirby (Deerfield) below David; Karen Langer (Chicago) in white sweater
above him; to your left Kim Yasutake (Chicago)and Laurie Rich (Welseley
Hills) ; the little kids up front belong to Pat and Sue Buie and one of them
is Amy Kossow; there's a grinning girl in glasses dead center, her name is
Tali Waterman (Knoxville). Gale Pingel (Denver) is about 6 people up on the
left. 5 people to the left of Karen Langer is Rick Reiser (Louisville), and
the gal to his left is Paki Donaldson (Hmm. outside Boston). On the far left
2/3 of the way up is a fella in a head band with a goatee, right above Gale
Pingel (whose mom is a UU Rev) - Greg Davies (Philly - Main Line?). I should
remember a lot more names, but given this is 30 years ago, maybe I'm doing
OK. We should also find Tim Cahn, Pat Buie, Scott Selmaoff, Fran Moulten,
Molly Monahan, Larry Brown, Debbie Edwards, JoAnne...