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NERO SpringThink 1971, Providence, RI
Bob Voges with some help from Len Muise

>From the back:

On the left column:
Unknown m
possibly Whitney Cranshaw
possibly Richie Robinson

On the right column:
Carl Dawson (way in back in the shadows)
Two unknown m
In plaid shirt with hands on the column base:
Rob Fellows

In the very back row between the columns, Sherrie Robinson is sitting on Scott Nutting's shoulders
Just in front of Scott and to your left, striped shirt, possibly Marc Silverman (outgoing NERO Chairman)
At the rightmost end of Marc's row, in the white blouse and long skirt, that's Sarah Bailey
Sitting directly in front of Sarah's skirt is Eunice Low, and to her left (your right) is Marcello Berman.
To the left from Eunice, and up a little, face partly obscured: possibly Leslie Baerenwald, Winchester, MA.

Going back to Marc Silverman: Just in front of Marc and slightly to your left, I think that's Celia Murphy.
The guy with his arms around Celia is from Winchester, but I can't remember his name. He and Celia are both in the Star Island photo.
One more to your left, wearing glasses, mouth open, looking like David Byrne: possibly one of the twins: Donny or Damon.
Down and left a bit more: Mara Pentlarge.

Now moving to the left foreground:
Left front, eyes closed, wire-rims, hands around knees: Wendy Coe.

In front of Wendy, back of head to camera: possibly Marla Joel.

Just to the right of Wendy and back a little, smiling long haired man:
I think his name is Paul something; I think he defeated me in an election for NERO director at this conference.

Down and to the right, lying down with exposed midriff: Laurie Rich
Behind Laurie, white turtleneck: Jan Michaud
To the right from Jan, hands around shins: Linda Adams. Her brother, Mark, took the photo.
The couple next to Linda were adult advisors.
Behind the woman and left a little, glasses, kerchief on head: Karen Ingalls, Winchester MA
Behind the man, long hair obscuring face: Bruce Cawley, Needham, MA
To the right of the man, sticking out tongue: Bob Voges (yours truly)
Two or three more to the right from me, the girl with glasses behind the leftmost tricyclist is Margot Schwaab, Arlington, MA.