A collection of photos of list members then, and now; before haircuts and after...



Jon Angel in 1969, waiting for a youth fare flight to Omaha

Jon Angel and Cathy Angel in 1998, with sons Bobby, Zack & Toby top to bottom

Larry Ladd, LRY pres. in 1969

Larry Ladd in 1999

Nina West in 1972

Greg Sweigert, 1999

Nina West in 1973

Nina West, 1998

Scott R and Seth D - 1976

Scott R and Seth D - 1983

When I cut my hair in the early 80's, after letting it grow for almost a decade, I knew it would be a big deal for other people and therefore kind of a big deal for me. I kept it pretty short for a few years, mostly because I lived across the street from an ancient Italian barber who would take a small eternity giving me a basic little kid haircut.

Since then it's been long, short and everywhere in between. It's always kind of a big deal because when I show up  somewhere with short hair after letting it grow for a while I get responses ranging from "so you've finally come to your senses" to "got a job interview,eh?". (Never "oh, you had such nice long hair". Long hair doesn't seem to attract women anymore, at least not the ones I've been working with. Then again, most of them are almost half my age. But being the old man
in your workplace is a topic for another thread).

Anyhow, as an amusing adjunct, I've posted 2 images. Both of them are from a web site project that Seth helped me with on Thanksgiving and which I've been procrastinating over ever since. The first was taken around 1976 and shows
me and Seth in full blown hippie mode. The second was probably taken around 1982 or '83 after the haircutting bug bit us and almost everyone else we knew.

Scott R

[Scott Rasmussen and Seth Deitch (?)]